We hope everyone had a blast at The Halloween Edition - Escape From Loveland!

Everyone did fantastic and made it out alive!


1. Team 24 - H&M 4311 - 1 hr. and 4 min.

2. Team 61 - Best of Bunchin - 1hr and 8min

3. Team 62 - Bottom of Bunchin - 1hr and 13min

Join us on Saturday October 26th from 6-8pm when Historic Downtown Loveland is transformed into:


Downtown Loveland is under attack by a Zombie Apocalypse and you must escape the city.


In each participating business you must decode clues in order to gain access to the safe houses (bars). Once inside the bars you must find or solve part of the phrase that will get you out of the city to safety.  Escape by 8 PM or risk your demise and get eaten by the Zombies!

Please feel free to dress up and make it festive. Maybe become one of the Zombies.  BEWARE - You will never know who the real zombies are and who are the warmbloods posing as zombies! 


This event will fill up fast as in the past so use your brain and get signed up while you still have one! 

4 -Person Teams

$35 Per Person

Sample Size Drinks and Small Bites will be provided​

What: Escape From Loveland

Where: Historic Downtown Loveland

When: Saturday, October 26, 2019

5:30pm LIVE Music by The Counting Skeletons

6:00-8:00pm Escape Game

8pm - Beer and Food Tasting Begins


Hello Escape from Loveland Teams!
We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday, October 26th! We have some items to share before the event. If you have participated in our event in the past, please know that the team instructions are very different this year, so please read them.
1) We will be assigning each team a starting location.  If there is a particular team(s) you want to be matched up with, please email us at HALLOWEENEDITION@GMAIL.COM before Wednesday, Oct 23rd at 8pm.   Give us their team # & name and your team # and name.
2) In your email, you will find a list of team #s in Alphabetical order by team name.  For check-in on Saturday, please know your team number.  Several teams selected the same team name, so verify your number by looking at participant names.  Please email us at if you did not receive your email.
3) Also in the email, are your Team Instructions & what the front of the team envelope will look like.  Please read the instructions prior to the event so you understand the rules & know what to expect.  A copy of the instructions will also be in the team envelope you receive at check-in.
4) Parking in downtown Loveland is limited.  We have 528 participants, not to mention workers & regular business patrons. Please share rides or Uber when possible.  Please remember...if you will be drinking...please call an UBER or LIFT or other means of transportation!  Thank you for keeping yourself and everyone else safe.
5) The photography studio right next to the check-in tent (Matthew J Capps Image Services, 203 W Loveland Ave) will be taking FREE team pictures (on your cell phone or download from their gallery) before (5:15 – 6) & after (7:45 – 9) the game with an Escape from Loveland themed backdrop & props.  Photographers will be there to take the pictures for you. We’d love it if you post those pictures on our Halloween Edition Facebook page!  
6) Lastly, we have attached the Escape from Loveland’s MAP.  A copy will also be in your team envelope.
The Zombies are coming!  Best of luck in your escape!
Your Halloween Edition Team
If you want to sell your spot for Saturday night, please email us at asap.  DO NOT POST ON FACEBOOK!  Apparently, there are scammers posing as real registered teams just trying to get your money.


5:45pm TODAY

Welcome!  Thanks for joining us at Escape from Loveland!   
1 – If you haven’t already done so, please go to the Check-In tent to get your team envelope & read the Team Instructions inside. They are VERY different this year.  READ THEM OR YOU WILL BE CONFUSED!
2 – Your starting square is in the upper righthand corner in RED.  Be there by 6:00.  You can use your Map to figure out where that is.
3 – LOOK AT YOUR TEAM ENVELOPE & MAP! Some business are Stations identified by a # & some are Safe Houses identified by a letter. Multiple Stations are grouped with each Safe House.  You must complete each Station in a group & then proceed to the Safe House for that group. Your first grouping will be tricky. READ YOUR TEAM INSTRUCTIONS!!  After the first group, you must proceed in NUMERICAL Station order! We will provide everyone with a plastic bag to keep their team envelopes in.  Please use it & protect that envelope as best you can.  It's impossible to write with pencil on a wet envelope. 
4 -When you enter a business, immediately look for a white 11x17” sign. You must decipher the sign to determine what to do.  You will not be instructed on what to do.  This is an escape room, so the idea is to figure it out.  Some signs are more direct while others are a play on words.  It’s your job to decipher it.
5 – You must write all of your answers on your envelope where designated. At the 21 numbered stations ALL CODES WILL BE NUMBERS – NO WORDS!  When you think you have your code, show that station your envelope with your WRITTEN code.  STATIONS will tell you if it’s right or you can fix it until it’s right.  When you have all of the station codes for a grouping head to the appropriate Safe House. Once you are at a Safe Houses show them your envelope with that grouping’s codes.  If they are wrong you can’t enter! Once you enter, complete that task.  Safe House answers could be numbers or words.  Safe Houses will NOT tell you if your answer is right.  You will know that when you turn your envelope in.  Write legibly!    
6 – You cannot use your phone to help with Safe House answers during the game but you can for Stations.
7 – We have an open container permit until 11pm. 
8 – At the Safe Houses you can purchase an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink in exchange for a hint. Max of ONE hint per team per Safe House. 
9 – If you have ALL 9 Safe House answers correct before 8, turn in your envelope immediately at the check-in tent.  Team with the most correct answers in the fastest time wins! If you don’t complete all of the Safe Houses by 8, you still must turn in your envelope at that time for your food & beverage sample tickets.  Regardless of when you finish the game, you CANNOT USE YOUR FOOD & BEVERAGE SAMPLE TICKETS PRIOR TO 8.  DON’T EVEN ASK THE BAR!  THEY ARE BUSY WORKING THE GAME & SERVING OTHER PATRONS! The food tickets are good until 10.  The drink tickets are good until 11.
10 – At 5:15 & after the game until 9, FREE pictures are being taken at the photography studio next to the check-in tent with an Escape from Loveland backdrop & props. You can choose to have them take it on your cell phone or you’ll be able to download it from their gallery. All for free.
11 – At 9:00 we will announce winners here at the Band.  You don’t have to be present to win.  We will mail prizes if necessary.
12 - There is a tie breaker question on your envelope.  I recommend completing that now.
13 – Cappy’s is NOT part of this year’s event, so you don’t want to go that far down W. Loveland. Please follow your map. We will have arrows to keep you on course in that area.
14 – At 6:00, listen for the horn from the band to start the game.  If by chance you don’t hear the horn, go ahead & start at 6.


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